artist & designer

I started to express myself trough art at a very early age. As a child I spent most of my days painting, playing the piano, writing stories and poetry. It was no question that I will dedicate my life to art.

I met my mentor Laszlo Nemes (Hungarian fine artist) when I was 7 years old and attended his art classes for more than 12 years. In that time I had many exhibitions around Hungary and Slovenia. I also illustrated some books and magazines. However my life took a new direction in 2007, when after a meditation I spontaneously created my very first mandala. I started to search for a deeper spiritual meaning in life and art.

I am an intuitive artist and every new creation is a new universe for me to discover, filled with love, wisdom and magic. The more mandalas I create, the more amazed I become by their power and mystery.

Mandalas came to my life as a true blessing and I am grateful to have the gift to channel their healing energy and share it with the world. My inspiration comes from nature, fairy tales, mythology, folklore, my dreams and visions. My works very in size, color and symbology, but they all have a common purpose: to help us recognize our inner light and true power. To find hope in our hearts, even in the most turbulent of situations and be inspired to show the sacred beauty of our soul to the world.

I truly believe that everything in our lives reaches us in the perfect moment. Every single experience no matter how common or significant, is an opportunity for us to learn, grow, heal past traumas and let go of all that is limiting us of reaching our highest potentials. I also believe that you being here and reading this lines is not an accident. So enjoy my works and let them awaken the magic inside you! Just as they did it with me, while I was creating them.

Timea Varga @mandalafairy