19″x14″ original watercolor mandala

This mandala is about patience, persistence, trust and holding on to your dreams. Growing slowly but surely by maintaining peace with the world and yourself. Under the fairy tree all the pain, anger and grief is transformed to light.


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“Close your eyes and be still. Find the most magical place in your inner universe. Breathe in the beauty and feel the serenity. Set your mind free and just be. Your heart is singing a quiet song, listen to it‘s melody. It’s a tale about dreams you once had, but you forgot. Since then you always felt a little lost. But they are still there waiting for you to pick them up, cherish and bring them to life with great love. Can you recognize them? Can you feel your beating heart? Now you know exactly what you want. The time has come to make a wish. With childlike joy believe in it. And slowly open up your eyes. Turn your face toward the skies, with your feet firmly standing on the ground – with arms open wild – watch your dream come true. <3 Gently push yourself toward your goal and take that road once in a while. The time is right. Be brave and have faith, you have the power to accomplish anything.

Because my dear the magic is inside you.”

Copyright – Timea Varga, 2013

The original painting is still available

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