A3 original mandala drawing

One day you find the right place for every piece of the puzzle and realize that even the ones that seemed ugly or bad just fit perfectly and that together they make a beautiful picture. You find yourself staring at your life without judgment, criticism or regret and you realize that everything happened for a reason. All your mistakes and bad choices, even the fears you couldn’t overcome –  everything happened so that you can become stronger, wiser, better, more loving and grateful for your precious life.

In order to find your peace it is essential to focus on the present and put all your energy into making each moment count. Rather than dreaming about tomorrow or letting yourself be hunted by yesterday, live for today and find beauty everywhere and in everyone! Remember that darkness makes light visible. Honor the black soil in which your Spirit grows while you water it with light and love.

About the dragonfly

I always thought about the dragonfly as a magical and mysterious creature and I used to admire it’s graceful flight and beautiful iridescent colors. I was reconnected with it a couple of years ago when I started to see dragonflies quite often and everywhere. I even found one frozen in the snow and saved another trapped in chewing gum on a bicycle path. Since then this wonderful creature stayed with me as my spirit guide, so this mandala is a simple “thank you” for the guidance and protection the dragonfly gave me.

If you are interested in dragonfly symbology you can read more about it on the links below:

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Copyright – Timea Varga, 2013

The original painting is still available

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