Created with love.


Make art from your heart is my personal motto and I believe that our imagination is the magic, which creates beauty and happiness. – Timea

Mandalas came to my life as a blessing and I am grateful to be able to create these sacred objects and share their healing energy with the world. They vary in size, color and symbology, but they all have a common purpose: to help us recognize our inner light and true power. To find hope in our hearts and inspire us to show the sacred beauty of our souls to the world. May my mandalas bring love and light to hearts of many, to help them follow their inner guidance and live their lives in peace and harmony.

How to choose a mandala?

Each mandala comes with a short description, but it is very possible that the mandala has an unique message to you and therefore you are the only one who can receive it. By taking a deep breath relax your body and calm your mind. Follow your inner guidance as you look trough the mandalas. You may feel warmth, excitement, attraction or you will simply know which one to choose.

The Heart Chakra Mandala

30x30cm original mandala drawing Allow love to be the center of your life. Follow your heart’s desires. Learn to love yourself first, then others. Forgive. Be open. The Heart Chakra – Anahata is traditionally symbolized by a circular lotus flower with twelve green...

Dragonfly Spirit Guide

A3 original mandala drawing One day you find the right place for every piece of the puzzle and realize that even the ones that seemed ugly or bad just fit perfectly and that together they make a beautiful picture. You find yourself staring at your life without...

The Song Of The Soul

30x30cm Mandala on black paper What inspires you, heals you. Just do whatever makes your Soul thrive. This mandala was made as personal mandala for a Slovenian musician. Copyright Timea Varga

Power animal mandala: The whale

24x24cm original watercolor mandala With an eye made quiet by the power of harmony, and the deep power of joy, we see into the life of things. (William Wordsworth) In many aspects of Native wisdom, the whale is symbolic of the beginning, the creation of all life on...

The Eye of Shiva

8″x8″ original mandala drawing   “The Eye of Shiva is the third eye in the middle of the forehead of the Hindu God Shiva representing wisdom it is thought to have the ability to look beyond the obvious. It symbolizes the creation, preservation...

The emerald lotus of love

14″x14″ original watercolor mandala Open your heart and grow in love. In the center of a mandala a delicate flower is born, bringing new life and hope, which melts away the remaining ice from a long winter. It’s colored bright yellow from the Sun to warm...

The Fairy Tree

19″x14″ original watercolor mandala This mandala is about patience, persistence, trust and holding on to your dreams. Growing slowly but surely by maintaining peace with the world and yourself. Under the fairy tree all the pain, anger and grief is...